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During the evolution - from the water life on -, our ancestors used this kind of sense for feeding, communication and protection. But with the development of our civilisation, this knowledge was not used by mankind and became forgotten. But this ability can be attained! Primitive people still do use this ancient knowledge. This ability lies dormant in everybody! In our courses, we bring this knowledge to the surface. A study proves that also the brain restricts some of its functions if these are not used. Thus, connections between the individual nerve cells can cease. But if we relearn and regularly use this ancient sensing method, then the related nerve connections will be affirmed as well. So we will possess the knowledge of which researchers think that it is an absolutely necessary ability of the humans of the future.

SENSE!  In the SUPER HUMAN SENSE training courses, you will learn practical techniques using which you can positively influence the health of yourself, your family and your friends and you can improve the quality of your relationships.
You will be given a set of instruments to make your and your fellows’ environment healthier and safer. You will be able to use your sophisticated skill in your work and your personal lifemore consciously!





Human Super Sense

The revival and development of the mankind’s forgotten ancient ability. The application of the relearned sensing at work and in private life.
The purpose is: a healthy life and to improve the quality of human relationships.