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I was quite skeptical about the thing and I only signed up for the course at the urging of a friend. I was surprised by Franz’s rational attitude and the scientific approach to the topic. I was pleasantly surprised. Moreover, I felt everything physically. There was no mystery in it. The method is absolutely unique and it really works. I have experienced it. Unfortunately, this is not taught in college. In the course, I have met doctors, entrepreneurs and students as well. Now I know that it was not by chance ... I'm impressed!          

Dr. Kiss (psychologist)

He got me and it was positive to me that the method really exists, it’s perceptible and measurable! It inspires matter-based thinking and sensing. They helped me not to give up: when I practice, it will work. I liked that they strengthened the "do not listen to others but only yourself, you are the only one who must feel it” thought. I liked that they were not secretive about it and they made it even "mandatory" to distribute the method. There are no accidents!

Judit Lovrity

My first thought was when I heard from my friends that this is something that is close to me because I can help so many people using this method. At the end of the course I had the feeling as if the world had opened up to me... This is a very good thing that should be passed on to as many people as possible so that they can attain this knowledge, too.

Szabolcs Szalma

I am glad that there is no mystification about it!

Katalin V.

This really makes some sense - of course, one always comes in full of doubts. The first time it was not really credible but later, when Franz put his finger on my fattened figure which I only had a few months ago and on my tooth which had a root canal treatment 1.5 years ago -  well, that was amazing. I feel something about this perception and I think that to some extent, I have been using it for many years instinctively. I’m trying it, I study it... It made me curious. What can it be used for? It may be helpful in all types of human relations occurring in life, although I do not think it is worth to use it all over them because it may exaggeratedly rationalize friendships and family relationships. But on the other hand, an analysis and weighing of any other nexus may provide an amazing certainty in the situation and may be beneficial even for both parties. I think that it is a great responsibility to decide to what extent such a knowledge should be given to a specific person as it depends on his personality what he will use it for.

Viktor V., Dr.

I liked Franz’s simple and straightforward explanations.


I’m very impressed by the exercises braking the brain’s habits, the sensing of brain impulses, the 'radar' exercises and the search for concealed objects by sensing. Thank you!


I found the course on the internet. I got a lot of useful experience, especially about myself. Due to the helpful intention, I have formulated my road to further development. I have received a useful knowledge and the  acquaintance of many sympathetic people. Thank you so much!

Lívií Györki

During the course, I have improved the stability of my confidence. I understood and was able to sense my interaction with the different materials. It makes me feel good to feel being less vulnerable to the world. Thus, I can help more with healing myself and others. I realized that the many things I have learned so far were not enough, and just now I see how many new things I need to learn and experience. I believe that all the people need this experience and knowledge because it is really necessary for our everyday life. I'm happy and I thank you to have been here!

Kata Őry (Naturopathic doctor)

In this course, I liked the playfulness, the immediacy and the small group. It was good that it did not take my whole day, so that I could do it well enough - but in the evening, I still felt the tiredness of my brain caused by the special stress. It is very useful for everyday life. I found it interesting, I’ve got many positive results. It was a pleasure!


I have been confirmed of what I have only felt by myself but what I could not share with anyone else. I succeeded to “recover” my sense. The real success is going to be when I will be able to make everyday life better and bring more out of it for me and for others. The instrument was there for me, I only had to learn how to use it. I feel like I have made it! Thank you!



Human Super Sense

The revival and development of the mankind’s forgotten ancient ability. The application of the relearned sensing at work and in private life.
The purpose is: a healthy life and to improve the quality of human relationships.