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How does HUMAN SUPER SENSE work?

receptorSensing is the process in which the external or internal stimuli impacting the body are converted into nervous discharges, reach the central nervous system and are perceived there. During the evolution, neurons capable of perceiving the stimuli coming from the environment and from inside the body have been evolved. These are called receptor cells.  Different types of receptor cells have been developed to perceive the different kinds of stimuli. As an effect of the stimuli, essentially the same changes occur in these various receptors. No matter if the different receptors are stimulated by mechanical, chemical, heat or light stimuli, the energy content of the different stimuli is converted by them into electrical energy. This energy reaches the center of the nervous system where a special change occurs - it is called sensation.

All of our sensory organs are in direct contact with our brain. Also at the ends of our fingers, there are millions of nerve points connected to the brain. This makes them capable of sensing.

In nature, materials and bodies are made up of atoms which work according to the quantum law. The signals of the subatomic, vibrating radiations related to the material become one with the vibrations running along with the nerves of the human body. As a consequence, an identifiable and sensible interference occurs. Thus, the various materials, and even the nerves, organs and other parts of the human body can be distinguished.

Sensing is an ancient skill! Several sea creatures are still successfully using this ability. Our ancestors also practiced it in their aquatic life since water conducts vibration 7.5 times better than air.

Children between 5-10 years of age still possess this sensing ability. But if they do not practice it, their knowledge will be lost.

csontvazasThis is supported by the researchers of the University of California, who recorded the brainwaves of 59 pubescent children during their sleep for five years using EEG machines. The researchers found that the changes measured coincide with the so-called synoptic cleaning: a part of the connections between nerve cells in the brain is lost in specific brain regions and the frequency of the related brain waves attenuates. As the child's brain transforms, it is decided which neural connections the brain will keep and which it considers as unimportant.  The researchers believe that the seldom-used connections cease.

It is obvious that if we relearn and regularly use this ancient sensing method, then the related nerve connections will be affirmed as well.


Dr. Franz Ulrich:

In the training courses of HUMAN SUPERSENSE I teach you how to reactivate this forgotten, ancient sensing ability! Because the ability lies dormant in you too!

franz2As a little child, I have noticed that I can sense the impulses coming from different objects, materials and bodies. For me, it was just as natural as sight or hearing. I could even infallibly identify any objects covered with a blanket - without touching them. This phenomenon aroused my curiosity. I experienced that each and every substance - let it be organic or inorganic - emits a vibration which differs in intensity, depending on its atoms - and it “prickles” differently in our nerve points.  I realized that I can feel and understand the “message” of these vibrations. This child's play has not been forgotten as the years passed. This ancient form of sense became an integral part of my everyday life. I started to learn the related science with great belief. Using my ability, I have successfully used my knowledge in many areas of life.”

Now you can relearn this ancient ability!




Human Super Sense

The revival and development of the mankind’s forgotten ancient ability. The application of the relearned sensing at work and in private life.
The purpose is: a healthy life and to improve the quality of human relationships.