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Purpose: To amplify, develop and practically apply the ancient sensing ability forgotten by our civilization.

In this course, thanks to the many practices, you will be able to distinguish certain vibrations on the first day.

You will become familiar with the scientific background, historical roots and possible applications of SUPER HUMAN SENSE. You will learn in practice how your body works as a sensor.  You will practice the perception of vibrations, get to know the frequencies of various material types and you will learn how to distinguish them from each other. You will discover subatomic vibrations in your environment, inspect the daily used and consumed products (e.g.: food, water, medical products, jewellery, etc). What’s more, you can test even the most advertised products using your own sense! Meanwhile, you can observe on which nerve point of your body’s organs the vibrations coming from the different materials will “signal”. Thus, you can also find out what positive or negative effects they have on you, on your health and your vitality.

In the START course, you will learn how to perceive the earth’s radiation so that you can measure it in your own home or workplace in order to precisely eliminate the nodes which have negative physiological impacts.

In the training course, you will get to know other areas of use of the SUPER HUMAN SENSE, you will get an insight into the curriculum of the BODY and CONTACT courses, and experience the special application of your re-learned ancient skill as well.

For example, at the end of the course, you will be able to find covered objects only by their vibrations using the HUMAN SUPER SENSE ability. But what’s much more important, in the same way you will be able to distinguish for yourself the useful building blocks and the worthless destructive materials. You will be able to sort out the things and products by which you can positively influence the quality of your life. You can become the best critic and get well-paying jobs using your new and uniquely sophisticated ability.


Our ancestors felt the electromagnetic radiation flowing out of the materials.  This sophisticated sense was used for healing, feeding, camouflage, hazard detection and elimination and to communicate without words, purely through the mind.  Science shows that the ancient human skills forgotten by the civilization can be relearned!

Do you want to "read" other people's minds? Would it be nice to know what is true from what you hear and what is not? To know what you can expect from others?  Now you can discover the answers! Sense the reality!
Science is familiar with the phenomenon: the oscillating movement of the electrons in the different materials transfers the information referring to the given material. When the vibrations of a human brain’s impulses interact with the brain contact nerve points in the body of another person, then the true intentions can be accurately read from these intensifying vibrations...

Lie to me if you can! This lie detector cannot be fooled because the nerves betray everyone!
In this course, you will learn about the method of sensing the intentions and thoughts, you will experience the communication through the mind, you will exercise how to locate hidden objects, e.g. things or creatures under the ground or behind a wall, and you will also try how your “radar” works.

Discover the knowledge of your ancestors in yourself!   Sense! – Connect! 


Duration of the START course:  4x6 hours
Price: 100 EUR advance upon registration + 430 EUR upon course start





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Human Super Sense

The revival and development of the mankind’s forgotten ancient ability. The application of the relearned sensing at work and in private life.
The purpose is: a healthy life and to improve the quality of human relationships.