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Purpose: To specially improve the knowledge acquired in the START course, namely to discover the vibrations of the human body parts and to understand their functions.

bodyIn this course, you will learn that the links between the organs of the body and the brain impulses running along the nerves can also be perceived.  Any problems, disorders and dysfunctions developed in this system can be distinguished by their frequency. In a word, the causes behind the various physical symptoms can be determined.

In the BODY course, you will experience that our organism is a huge labyrinth where everything is connected to everything. The brain is its very center which controls all this: in reaction to the incoming messages, it forwards its commands to the organs. The exchange of such messages happens in the form of vibrations through the neural pathways.

In the course, you will learn how to recognize these "messages”. If you regularly practice the techniques presented here, human body will become an open book for you!

For example, at the end of the course, thanks to the long practice, you will be able to find and recognize any blocks in you or others only by their vibrations by using the HUMAN SUPER SENSE ability. In addition, you will learn how to release them!

The brain impulses flowing through the relieved neural pathways influence the replacement of cells so that the new cells are built up by degrading the disadvantageous deformities. Its results are: total rejuvenation and development of an ideal body shape - merely by nerve stimulation.

Completing this course will open a new dimension in your concepts of health, longevity and beauty.

Those who complete the course will be richer by a useful and special sensing technique which professionals can productively apply to make their healing and body cosmetic activities more effective and others can use them for themselves in order to achieve an ideal physical and mental condition.

You will earn a truly unique knowledge!

Duration of the BODY course: 6x8 hours
Price: 300 EUR advance upon registration + 750 EUR upon course start

Conditions of registration:

  • Completion of the START course
  • Regular exercise
  • Basic knowledge of anatomy is recommended

At the end of the course, only to those may be given a diploma who properly mastered the technique!




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Human Super Sense

The revival and development of the mankind’s forgotten ancient ability. The application of the relearned sensing at work and in private life.
The purpose is: a healthy life and to improve the quality of human relationships.