Franz portreI'm Dr. Ulrich Franz. I was born in Hungary. As a little child, I discovered that I could sense the impulses coming from different objects, materials and bodies. For me, it was just as natural as seeing or hearing. Based on sensing, I could even doubtlessly identify any objects covered with a blanket – without any touch. This phenomenon aroused my curiosity. I experienced that each and every substance - let it be organic or inorganic - emits a vibration which differs in intensity, depending on its atoms - and it “prickles” differently in our nerve points. I realized that I can feel and understand the “message” of these vibrations. This child's play has not been forgotten as the years passed by. This form of sensing has become an integral part of my everyday life. Since childhood I have learnt the related science with great belief. In the past few years, I have successfully used my knowledge in many areas of life and developed my globally unique body treatment method.