The bodily exchange of vitality messages happens in the form of vibrations through the neural pathways. If a short-circuit occurs in the flow of life energy, the vibration will change at the blocks. Such blocks form in everybody and cause deformities in our cells and organs. After releasing the blocks, the neural pathways become relieved. The results are improved vitality, rejuvenation, development of the ideal body shape and a long, energetic life. FURTHER>>>


In our courses, you will learn practical techniques by which you can positively influence not only your health, but your family’s and friends’. Moreover, you can improve the quality of your relationships since you will be given the opportunity to make your and your fellows’ environment healthier and safer. You will be able to use your sophisticated new skill in your work and your personal life more consciously!

All of our sensory organs are in direct contact with our brain. Also, at the ends of our fingers, there are millions of nerve points connected to the brain. This makes them capable of sensing. FURTHER>>>

For me, human body is like an open book where each nerve point tells what happened to it...FURTHER>>>

Human Super Sense - Emberi Érzékelés Felsőfokon

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